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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  August 21, 2020 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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stuart: before we leave you one last check on the two most remarkable stocks of the day. apple is now up a mere $15 at 488 and tesla is up $42 at $ 2,044. they stole the show today. what a spectacular performance, the two very big name companies. my names up but david it's yours now. david: best thing i ever did stu was buy apple in march of 2009 at the low point of that recession and i held on to it for a while but i didn't hold on to it until now but still it's very, i'm very happy for those who did hold on to it. good to see you have a great weekend. welcome to cavuto, coast to coast, i am david asman, as you can see in for neil cavuto, a john layfield packed two hours, coming right up we'll be coast to coast starting in connecticut , where the governor is pushing for in-person schooling to avoid "a lost year. the governor will join us with an update on where things stand. and then to seattle where
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business owners are slamming city leaders as their stores remain shut, we're going to be talking to one of those desperate business owners on what he wants to see from city officials and then to massachusetts where forensics are now requiring most students to receive the flu vaccine to ease the burden on our health system during this pandemic what doctors are saying about the move and why a lot of parent s are protesting but first , all eyes are now in the rnc the republican national committee as the dnc, the democrats come to their conclusion. democrats wasting no time slam ming president trump, specifically for his response to the pandemic. watch. >> donald trump hasn't grown into the job, because he can't. and the consequences of that failure are severe. 170,000 americans dead. >> my dad was a healthy 65- year-old. his only preexisting condition
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was trusting donald trump and for that, he paid with his life. >> the tragedy of where we are today is it didn't have to be this bad. just look around. it's not this bad in canada or europe or japan, or almost anywhere else in the world. david: to fox & friends co-host brian kilmeade. brian i grew up in washington d.c., don't have pity for me but i did. i've seen a lot over my years and what happens in politics but i have never never seen as cynical a policy as putting the coronavirus on donald trump. everybody has made mistakes in this , including a lot of democratic leaders after the president called a ban for flights from china, but to put the coronavirus, the deaths of 17 7,000 americans on one man, donald trump, is the most cynical piece of politicking i've ever seen, what do you think?
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>> by michelle obama, concluded by president obama, i thought both were out of line and then without mentioning his name, essentially, the whole theme is he is not worthy, he can't do the job, and they did that and labeled 170,000 deaths on him, is out of control. considering also, the reason why we found out later that new york got hit first is because in december this virus came here through tourism, from europe. so we couldn't find the virus, we get alerted by the virus in january, but yet we're supposed to stop this in europe, in december and then when it hits the west coast it's slamming the east coast, and then the scientists didn't have the test right, the cdc. i don't know if you know this or not but they didn't really teach president trump or president obama how to run virus tests and how to engineer one, and then when it does happen, and this is where joe biden's vulnerable. those with joe biden said, he said i've been saying since march, and then he laid out his
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plan, where were you in january and february? david: exactly. brian: where was dr. fauci? david: i'll tell you where nancy pelosi was in mid-february two weeks after president trump ordered the shutdown and flights from china. she was in chinatown celebrating the chinese new year with leader s saying come on in, shop, get close. it was the same with democratic leaders on this side of the united states. we had deblasio & company down in chinatown saying there wasn't anything to worry about. our health commissioner in new york city the democratic health commissioner said the same there's no problem in using the subways et cetera. we now know there are a lot of problems if in fact ahead of the subway system got coronavirus. brian: listen, david. remember what happened when you have biden says i don't like the decisions president trump made. okay when you started going on the record it doesn't look good, you didn't say you thought it was wrong to ban the european flights, wrong to ban the chinese flights okay? you said it was scare tactics
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and that's bad for them. the other thing that's bad for joe biden is there was no pp e left behind, and there were no ventilators left behind. they said there was a game plan left behind, and but they said but there wasn't material left behind, so they had to quick get it and they're concerned about manufacturing in china. why didn't they change it? with the most astounding thing is perfect for you and the show is when he came out and said that we're going to bring manufacturing back and then we're going to by raising the corporate rates counterintuitive and number two is we're going to get this economy going by building roads and bridges and broadband. really? you have the job for eight years , you've been in washington for 47 years, and now you've got this brainstorm that we're supposed to go with. the other thing where he's vulnerable is $800 billion in stimulus package with president obama said he was in control of. david: yes. brian: he didn't have the shovel or the shovel-ready projects. there were no bridges and tunnels after that. david: but remember in 2010, it was another thing he was in
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charge of the reconstruction summer remember that where he was going to say he said we're going to have 500,000 jobs every month for the summer of 2010? in fact we ended the summer with a deficit of jobs so he was responsible for that but just to put a fine point on what's happening with him putting the virus on donald trump. when this whole thing started, the great neil cavuto, whose show i am hosting, i'm honored to be hosting right now. he said when this thing began, look let's not politicize this and i think he was absolutely right. he said we have to come together as a nation to fight this. let's focus on how we fight it together as a nation, without getting politics involved, the same way we did with any war that we've been involved with and this is the kind of a war, and how quickly did the democrat s evolve into this total political station of the virus in a way that i wonder if it's turning americans off, or i wonder if what they said during the convention will stick brian: by the way, legally you can't mention neil cavuto
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without saying "the greatest neil cavuto. i don't want you to get in trouble either, but you're 100% right but think about what led up to it david, the mueller report, the accusations and then the impeachment happened, so we were angry at each other to begin with, and then you asked us to come together and fight this virus when it looked like it was the same game plan that democrats were using to help hamstring the president. we never came "of it and let's go back to the 90s because of the impeachment of clinton, we took our eye off al qaeda and we ended up with 3,000 dead. sooner or later we're going to lenore our lesson that these fights end up in a lot of death and destruction. i'm hopeful we'll turn the page after november 3. hopeful we'll grow up. david: well there's plenty to talk about, plenty to debate with regard to policies. we don't have to do it this way, but we'll see what happens next week with the republicans. brian kilmeade good to see you my friend thank you very much have a good weekend. brian: you too david thanks for
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having me on. david: well growing push for in -school construction connecticut governor ned lemont urging to reopen schools to avoid what he fears to be "a lost year for education." democratic governor joins me now governor what is the latest on the school openings are you committed to reopening? >> hi, david. we are committed to reopening. we've got plans back from all of our different school districts. i'd say most of them are going to open with in-person learning especially for the younger grades some want to do a hybrid for a period of time just to get their feet under them so we're working this through but connecticut is fortunate. we have an infection rate of less than 1%. we've kept that for well over two months now, so if connecticut can't get its schools reopened who can. david: and we have to be guided by science. i'm sure you will agree on that, and the science, of course it's a new virus that's why we call it coronavirus and there's a lot of things about it we don't know
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but we're beginning to get more information. there was a study that scared the heck out of a lot of teacher s and out of a lot of people thinking schools from south korea, but that study has now been called into question. the conclusion of that study was kids can transmit the virus more than we thought; however, additional information, this comes from the new york times, additional data from the research team now calls that conclusion into question. children underage 10 do not spread the virus, as much as adults do, and the ability to transmit seems to increase with age, and then there is this uk study. a study from britain. it's the most comprehensive study ever done. 20,000 pupils and teachers were involved in this study and the risk to children from covid-19 are very low according to this study and the risk of school closures we know are very serious, so this study, from the uk seems to say that what you're doing is the right thing
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to do. >> look i hope so but let's face it. there's so much we don't know about covid. there's so many asymptomatic kids that maybe are carrying the virus so i've got to do a job convincing the teachers and parents we're doing everything we can to keep them safe so we're providing all the ppe they need requiring they wear the mask doing all of the disinfecting let them know we got their back. david: real quick on a totally different subject, the kerfuffl e with regard to the post office and post master general you are joining a lawsuit, i'm not precisely sure what it is you're suing about but what i don't understand, governor, is essentially all of the concerns at the beginning of the week that were addressed by democrats about what the post office was doing closing offices , et cetera, were dealt with by the postmaster general who said that he essentially point-by-point would hold off on all of these changes until after the election, so what's wrong
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with that? >> look, i don't know the details on that as well. talk to our attorney general but i do know that we just had a primary, and about eight times more people wanted to vote by mail than ever before, and we got an election coming up in november which is not a primary it's going to be one of the biggest elections this country has had and i think people over the age of 65, people with pre-existing conditions want to make sure they're able to vote by mail safely. david: well the postmaster general says not only can they do it safely but there is enough capacity in the post office to handle the influx of votes so you don't think there's some kind of conspiracy going on to try to cheat in the election by this administration, do you? >> i do know that it took a while to get our balance in during the primary, which was about 10 days ago. i don't say anything about conspiracies that's not where my head is at but i just want to
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make sure that the post office is doing everything they can because there is going to be a lot of ballots coming in and make sure we're ready for that. david: i think that's exactly what the portfolios said they are doing so unless you don't believe them i think they are doing exactly what you think they should be doing congratulations on the school openings, we wish you the very best, safely as possible. governor thank you very much for being here. appreciate it. >> good filling in for the great neil cavuto. david: [laughter] thank you very much i appreciate it he is the great neil cavuto. well, postmaster general testifying over the changes, fox news congressional correspondent chad pergram on capitol hill. very interesting hearing with the inclusion of some problems, let's say, with the way that the virtual hearings work out. you can explain, chad. >> reporter: that's right well the hearing dropped in-n-out several different times here they are trouble even transmitting the feed to the television networks from the senate radio tv recording
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studio that was an issue, and then you had tom carper, the democratic senator from delaware used to chair this committee in fact he was called upon by ron johnson the republican senator who chair s the committee now from wisconsin didn't realize he was on and he uttered several things off to the side and realized he was on, so a lot of technical sn afoos here today on capitol hill. there's a lot of democrats getting to the substance of the hearing who think that lewis dejoy is too close to the president that's something that during the testimony today, he said was, you know, completely outrageous, that was something that liquidity disagreed with tremendously and the president has talked a lot about fraud with vote by mail and that's something that lewis dejoy, listen to this change with rob: portman republican senator from ohio. every ballot, we process every ballot in time, that it receives
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>> so you do support voting by mail? >> i do. >> reporter: dejoy said his advice be to vote early. the postal service warned 46 states that delays in delivery could leave ballots uncounted and he told senators he doesn't anticipate any issues with mail- in votes this fall and the system has slack to handle a potential up-tick. >> there has been no changes in any policies with regard to election mail, for the comfort of the 2020 election, and as you stated, this letter was sent out before my arrival. >> reporter: but gary peters of michigan the top democrat on the committee is skeptical the postal service is as efficient as it used to be and he worries about slowdowns. >> around july 11 you start seeing drop, july 18 it falls dramatically so that's a pretty big drop in on time mail delivery that we are seeing.
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>> reporter: dejoy says the postal service is okay fiscally right now it doesn't need an infusion of cash before the election however the house of representatives is scheduled to meet tomorrow the house rules committee has been meeting this morning to prep a bill to in fuse $25 billion with the postal service, you know you talked a a lot of republicans david and they say the postal service has enough money to operate through next august. back to you. david: it seems like the issuing are petering out. the democrats thought they had something at the beginning of the week but the portfolios kind of cut the rug out from under him on that chad thank you very much. well seattle business owners blasting city leaders as stores remain shut because of the riots there we'll be talking to one of those business owners, right after a quick break. stay with us. this piece is talking to me. yeah?
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12:20 pm
know, i did meet with the mayor prior to the riots, and her theme was that she was going to clean up downtown, make it vibrant and make it a pleasant place for people to come in, tourists to come in, cruise ships, conventions to make it a vibrant city. instead in the last three months , our city has gone from the envy of the country to now, you know, our city seems to be circling the drain. david: but you know, all over, forgive me, joey but all over america, cities particularly cities run by democrat mayors and democrat city councils are experiencing a similar thing , and they are making it a lot tougher for businesses to do business, so what, i mean, somebody voted these mayors and the city councils into office, is it possible to vote them out of office? >> well that's a great question right now, i want you to know that we help petitions out right
12:21 pm
now to recall the most radical person in our city council and there's a recall and there's so many epic a series of epic violations and she got re-elected back in november, so right now, the citizens of seattle are really focused right now on how we can flush these radical marxist city council people out of office, because everybody wants to return to doing business the way we were doing business prior to covid, and right now, our stores are still shut down, we're still boarded up, and there doesn't seem to be, you know, any calls from the mayor. in fact, she seems to pander more and more with these marxist city council people. david: some people, let me stop you there, the city councilwoman that you mentioned i've read a lot of her tweets, and her messages.
12:22 pm
she is a marxist and she in fact was extraordinarily critical of chief best, who did her best, when she was in office, had to quit because she was getting no support. first african american woman police chief in seattle, and yet , you know, this councilwoman seemed to be accusing her, chief best, of being a racist, which is ridiculous, and criticized her for not doing her part in the marxist cause. it's just these people clearly don't represent, if they do represent the views of seattle, i'd be surprised. >> well listen, the citizens of seattle see that as a most despicable treatment from a city council person to our departing police chief. it was uncalled for that she took that, in fact, you know, she was the only one that voted on the city council. the police cuts didn't go deep enough so quite frankly, we are sick and tired quite frankly of
12:23 pm
listening to her rhetoric and attacking us, business people, and you know, we are the enemy. we're the capitalist in eany in her book. she reports the socialist alliance committee and doesn't report or doesn't follow the oath of office that she took david: let me just ask, joey we're running out of time but very quickly, how close are you to just packing it in and saying the heck with it i'm moving out? >> well right now, quite frankly, we are looking at arizona both scottsdale and tucson. quite frankly, the governor, governor doocy in arizona has been very very friendly to bring businesses into the state of arizona, and we really are looking hard at how we can make the move. david: well, i understand that 100% i probably would have moved myself but i'm kind of hoping that you stay there and fight the good fight, because -- >> we will fight. we will continue to fight the fight for sure. david: you shouldn't give in. joey rodolfo, thank you very
12:24 pm
much i appreciate it best of luck to you. thank you very much. david: absolutely. well, take a look at this , delta banning ex-never it seal and osama bin laden killer rob o'neill for not wearing a mask. o'neill is seen here in this picture on the plane, without a mask. is he doing the right thing? neil joins us, coming next, stay tuned. it's easy to get lost in the economic uncertainty. the volatility. the ambiguity. the moment calls for more. and northern trust delivers more. with specialized expertise. proven strategies rooted in data and analytics... and insights borne from over 130 years of successfully navigating economic turbulence. giving you clarity. inspiring confidence. and helping you uncover new paths forward. northern trust. wealth management.
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get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity. david: a lot of us are still pushing for answers over a season, parents of big 10 football players no protesting over the conferences decision to postpone the upcoming football season. grady trimble is live outside big 10 headquarters in rosemont, illinois which i know well with all of the details, grady a lot of angry parents, ha? >> reporter: yeah david they held signs and they chanted "let us play" about two to three
12:29 pm
dozen parents representing several big 10 schools came from across the country to be here today. the organizer of this event, randy wade, his son shawn is a captain at ohio state university , came all the way from jacksonville, florida to protest the big 10 decision. these are parents who kids normally compete against each other on the football field but today they had a common goal and they say they prefer a fall season but they understand if that can't happen, but if it has to be in the spring, they want to know specifically what info the conference has that led it to postpone the season, while the sec and the acc still plan to have a fall season. >> listen nobody is going to argue that this isn't a real virus. we all get that. we all understand it, okay? but why is it we could go from having a schedule put out to six days later a hard shutdown? >> reporter: the big 10 conference says there's too much uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and it is standing firm on its decision
12:30 pm
the commissioner saying this , earlier in the week. the vote by the big 10 council of presidents and chancellors was overwhelmingly in support of postponing fall sports and will not be revisited. meanwhile, in mississippi, the governor there signing an executive order saying that attendance at football games must remain under 25% and tailgating will be banned but as he said in a tweet, david, i'd rather have no tailgating and be in the sec than be in the big 10 or the pac-12 and have no football at all. david: that's true. i guess we should count our blessings as meager as they might be thank you very much grady good to see you appreciate it. now to the not so friendly skies , an american hero is saying delta airlines is banning him for not wearing a mask. the navy seal who killed osama bin laden, rob o'neill, joins me now to explain. rob, what the heck happened? >> thanks for having me david, i really appreciate it and the first thing i want to say i know you have marines in your
12:31 pm
family i didn't notice the guy in the background wearing usmc, that was by no means a slight, i love everyone. david: thank you, thank you, thank you. >> support the nation, and as far as i know delta's policy is you don't have to wear a mask when you're eating and drinking in your seat and that's what i was doing. you could see the flight attendant in the back there she just handed out like some cheese nips or something and a bottle of water and i took a selfie and i posted it as a peaceful protest to my twitter followers, and i'm pretty sure that's still protected by a few of the amendments and then a new york post picked it up, the new york time picked it up and put pressure on delta and delta has an image now as it is they've been accused of racism and i would hate to add anti-american to it, and i by no means want to hurt anybody. no one even knew i took the picture. i was never told by anybody, because i've been on a lot of airplanes, and they'll even wake you up to have you put your mask
12:32 pm
over your nose its happened to me and i'm not anti-msci. i don't think you should be ordered to do it but if people are more comfortable go ahead and wear it but to me it's just a peaceful protest about wearing masks i guess. david: but the bottom line is you had the mask off because you had to eat and drink, which is what people have to do. you can't feed yourself food through a mask, and that's why you had the mask off. it wasn't a protest of the mask policy, was it? >> no, i mean, to be honest, it was more joking, and i'm just, you know what? people get away with peaceful protests without masks all the time so that's what it is but it's a shame to see delta's policies being run by the new york times. david: well here is delta's statement on what happened. they say, "part of every customer's commitment prior to traveling on delta is a requirement to acknowledge our updated travel policies which includes wearing a mask, failure to comply with our mask-wearing mandate can result in losing the
12:33 pm
ability to fly delta in the future" but again, you were wearing a mask, except when you were eating and drinking, correct? >> yeah and it's possible there was a couple spots walking through the airport but what are the rules? you're six feet apart from someone do you still need to wear the mask i'm not sure about that and walking around all day in airports i'm taking it off at some point but again, if someone would address it to me and if someone felt uncomfortable i'll put the mask on i don't have a problem with that. i do have a problem with being, you know, ordered to do it, and i don't think i violated their policy. i'd love to talk to the ceo, mr. bastian about it and their image right now isn't very good, and i have a million miles on delta. david: now bottom line is i don't like to put on a mask but i will put on a mask if it's required in the circumstances i'm in. it's that simple, i feel you've got to do your part as an american to help against the pandemic, but there is something about the policing of
12:34 pm
these policies that gets under your skin, isn't there? >> well, yeah. it does. i mean like i said even if it helps i don't think a bandanna on your face is probably doing more harm than good, but if a face covering makes someone feel better i don't have a problem with it at all. i had six masks on me at the time, three in my bag and three in my pocket. david: [laughter] wow. >> it's not like i wasn't wearing one all day and not like i don't fly all the time. and if somebody said would you put a mask on no problem at all. the picture i put it up and then it's not the first time my wife has deleted tweets of mine so i wish she was quicker on the ball for this one. david: [laughter] well i think bottom line is i think it amounts to a very big misunderstanding on the part of delta that was brought up by the new york times, et cetera, that probably has a thing that you probably get under their skin and they thought oh, boy this is the way we can get them. i know that's the way a lot of those editors work quickly last word, go ahead. >> a lot of editors from the
12:35 pm
new york times don't like conservatives and i've been doing campaigning so maybe they are just mad at me. david: rob o'neill best of luck i think you'll straighten this out with delta and you have million miles maybe they don't want to pay you those free miles that's what's behind all this rob good to see you my friend thank you very much have a good weekend. meanwhile joe biden laying out his economic vision during last nights dnc finale, gary kaltbaum on what wall street is watching and what we heard from joe last night. i'm still discovering what's next. and still going for my best. even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib... ...not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin, i'm reaching for that. eliquis.
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david: well steve bannon is out on bail after pleading not guilty to charges that he ripped off the owners in an online fundraising scheme to build a southern border wall fox news correspondent david lee miller has the latest on this , david? >> david, that's right, yesterday afternoon, at the federal court house in lower manhattan, steve bannon pleaded not guilty to charges that he
12:40 pm
defrauded donors who gave money to an online crowd funding campaign to build a wall, along the u.s. /mexico border. according to a federal indictment, the we build the wall campaign raised as much as $25 million with bannon co- defendants stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars used for hotels, consumer goods and other personal expenses. the donors were told all the money raised be spent on building the wall. bannon handcuffed and wearing a face mask entered his not guilty plea via a video link in the holding cell in the courthouse in lower manhattan released last evening after agreeing to $5 million bond and while exiting the building bannon made a brief statement to reporters. >> [overlapping speakers ]
12:41 pm
>> bannon was taken into custody yesterday morning, on a yacht. it was off the coast of connecticut owned by an exiled chinese billionaire and an agent with the u.s. postal inspection service was the first to board that vessel and the charges are conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering and also charged is iraqi war veteran and triple amputee who allegedly received at least $350,000 including $100,000 payment and $20,000 a month so-called salary, according to the indictment the menussed shell companies and fake accounts to conceal their fraud. authorities say late last year, they learned through a financial institution that there was an investigation underway. at that time according to the indictment some of the defendant , david, began to use encrypted software to conceal their conspiracy, and the feds say it didn't work. david? david: doesn't sound good. you are innocent until proven
12:42 pm
guilty though so we'll see how it all plays out in court, david lee miller thank you very much. well stocks trying to end record setting week on a high note as joe biden lays out his economic plans, listen to some of that. >> together, we can and will rebuild our economy and when we do, we'll not only build back, we'll build back better, with modern roads, bridges, highways, broadband, ports and airports, as a new foundation for economic growth with pipes of transport clean water, to every community, with 5 million new manufacturing and technology jobs, so the future is made in america. david: sounds kind of familiar doesn't it to kaltbaum capital manager, gary it sounded like something was picked out of president trump's campaign in 2016 but bottom line is is what the market has done this week and is doing today a part of
12:43 pm
what it heard in the convention or totally unrelated to that? >> i don't think there's as much relation to it just yet. we're still a bit away from the election but leave no doubt, next week, we're going to get some of this fine print talked about as far as biden's economic policy and for me, they're promoting taking $4 trillion out of the economy and putting it in government hands, via taxes on corporations , as well as what they call the privileged few, and for me, the amazing part and i believe you you award success, you don't penalize there's a tax in there a 12.4% social security tax for anything up above 400,000 shared by the employer and employee so if you're self-employed your taxes are going up 12.4% above 400,000 , which means if you're in one of those high tax states, you're in the 60s so you built
12:44 pm
your business, you've done great things, you've employed a lot of people, you're making good money , here we're taking 60 some odd percent from you. that's going to hamstring the economy going forward and for people that want to raise 4 trillion bucks they're not going to get it. trump lowered taxes and got record revenues. that's how you get more revenues for the treasury, a stronger economy, and you do that by leaving the money in the economy david: and by the way that brought a lot of companies back to the united states, which is why we had this incredible job growth, because they moved back from places like ireland that had lower corporate tax rates if they raise those corporate tax rates again, they can move again i just want to leave on some positive note on this friday that home sales surged in july 25% increase in july from june. the july home sales, well 24.7 but pretty close to 25%. this is tremendous what do you make of it? >> i'm quite amazed,
12:45 pm
specifically in a pandemic the thought process is people are on the move, for me the story, look i watch the market closely. some of the strongest spots in the market and not just the homebuilding stocks, but anything you put in your homes, home depot and lowe's and whirl pool and sherwin willia ms and things like that, there's a definite move and that is part of a stronger economy we're see ing, and hopefully look we've got a vaccine, i think we're off to the races. there's a lot of the economy that's really not kicking in gear right now, especially travel-related, so if we get over that hump, look out. i think the numbers will be garg antuan as we move forward and i hate to use the word coil ed spring but i think we have that as far as the economy goes if we can get there. david: from your lips to god's ears let's hope gary great to see you my friend, gary kaltbaum well promising new developments on the vaccine front we'll tell you all about it right after a short break. stay with us.
12:46 pm
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12:50 pm
steve herrigan has all the details hi, steve. >> reporter: david very positive vaccine news, pfizer coming out with the announcement now confirming that its top vaccine could be ready for regulatory approval as early as october. this means the vaccine could be used ready for use inside the u.s. as early as november, and potentially could have an effect on the presidential election. the confirmation of that october goal by pfizer really makes this one of the fastest-moving vaccines in the world, one of the big pluses is so far, the lack of side effects in phase i of the testing fewer than 20% suffered mild fevers from the use of this vaccine. pfizer and bion tech last month reached a $2 billion agreement with the federal government to produce more than initially 100 million doses of the vaccine in the u.s.. in the meantime the cdc is expressing concern about the start of flu season coming up, concern that it will hit right when we're in the middle of the pandemic. here is the head of the cdc. >> i think this is a critical
12:51 pm
year for us to try to take flu as much off the table as we can as a respiratory pathogen that's going to cause people to be sick enough to have to go into the hospital. the biggest fear i have of course by the covid and flu at the same time is that our hospital capacity could get strained. >> reporter: the cdc is encouraging everyone to get their flu shots early beginning in september. david back to you. david: steve herrigan good to see you thank you very much meanwhile massachusetts says it's going to be requiring most students over the age of six to get a flu vaccine, not a covid vaccine, a flu vaccine in order to be able to enter school in january. dr. anita gupta is here, and dr. gupta i'll ask you first of all about new developments on the covid vaccine but the story about massachusetts is particularly interesting because a lot of parents are against getting any flu vaccine for their children. even in with the pandemic going
12:52 pm
on, how important is a flu this year? >> well, look, you know first of all, flu has resulted in significant illness each year since 2010 anywhere between 9.3 million to 40 million deaths annually, so getting the flu vaccine is really a commitment to protecting the safety and health of society so it's really important, and that's known to get your flu vaccine this year, as we heard, the cdc is recommending it, and it'll not only prevent illnesses in society but it is the healthcare resources that are so important right now on the frontline and we have to do everything we can to preserve them, to ensure that our health care workers have those resources, and so we can help our patients. david: you know i have to say i've had a couple of bad incidents with flu shots myself, i know others who have, so i understand the concern, but again given the pandemic, and i
12:53 pm
think what three times as many kids killed by the flu every year, as there are killed by the covid virus, so the possibility of death from this , and the possibility of flooding hospitals just at a time when we need every icu we can possibly get just in case is really important, so even if you have issues with the flu shots this is the year to get one, right? >> absolutely. look, the best way to prevent the flu is to get your vaccination, and look, the best way to thank our frontline health workers frankly is to get your vaccination, because look, we have no idea what the flu season is going to look like, and we have to do everything we can, not only to continue to social distance, to wear our mask but also to get vaccinated because right now , the evidence is very clear.
12:54 pm
we know that there is a potential for further outbreaks with the flu alone. david: right. so this convergence will be very complex, and so we must do everything we can to prevent this season to be the worst. david: very quickly, dr. gupta. a lot of people were quite cynical when the president said that we might have a vaccine for covid by the end of the year looks now, what pfizer is telling us, that that is a real possibility. should we get our hopes up or not? >> we can only hope. we can only hope. look, ultimately with any vaccination, there needs to be clear clinical data on safety, efficacy and ultimately it's in the hands of the fda. we want the information, we want and hope that it'll be safe for society as a global product, but we can certainly hope that we have a vaccination on our hands for the united states and the world. david: well a phase iii trial
12:55 pm
is a pretty sure way of making sure that we're all safe, by this vaccine if we get it. if and when we get it. i should say when we get it there's no question about if it's just a matter of time. dr. gupta thank you so much. i appreciate you coming in today well, trump back on the road after joe biden laid out his vision for the economy, and it was, kind of short on some details though. the latest on how the president is punching back, coming next. introducing stocks by the slice from fidelity. now you can trade stocks and etfs for any amount you choose instead of buying by the share. all with no commissions. stocks by the slice from fidelity. get your slice today. i wanted more from my copd medicine that's why i've got the power of 1, 2, 3 medicines with trelegy. the only fda-approved once-daily 3-in-1 copd treatment. ♪ trelegy ♪ the power of 1,2,3 ♪ trelegy ♪ 1,2,3 ♪ trelegy
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david: welcome back. i'm david asman in for neil cavuto. we've got another busy hour for you. teachers are speaking out telling parents not to intrude on their child's virtual classes. actress lori loughlin to face sentencing in the next hour in the college admissions scandal. california is battling hundreds of wildfires again. we will have an update from that region later this hour. first, joe biden pledging to rebuild the economy last night but president trump says a biden win will cause a depression. fox business's hillary vaughn in wilmington, delaware, with more. hi, hillary. reporter: hi, david. after four days of democrats making the case against the economy under president trump, democratic nominee joe biden
1:00 pm
delivered the closing argument, blaming trump for not containing the virus that has destroyed the u.s. economy, saying the president has been waiting for a miracle but biden says he has the answers to fix it. >> understand something this president hasn't from the beginning. we will never get our economy back on track, we will never get our kids safely back in schools, we will never have our lives back, until we deal with this virus. reporter: biden pitched a practical fix to reboot the u.s. economy with a mandatory nationwide mask mandate, rapid testing, making ppe right here in the u.s. but some of those things are already happening in some capacity from mask mandates on the state and local level to ppe being made by u.s. companies like 3m but biden says he would do more. he's also underscoring his commitment to taxing the rich to pay for the rest of his economic agenda. >> we don't need a tax code that
1:01 pm
rewards wealth more than it rewards work. i'm not looking to punish anyone. far from it. but it's long past time the wealthiest people and the biggest corporations in this country paid their fair share. reporter: president trump told fox news last night he would watch biden's speech and now today he's saying he thinks biden left a lot out. >> the biggest part of last night's speech was what joe biden didn't talk about. he didn't talk about law enforcement. he didn't talk about bringing safety to democrat-run cities that are totally out of control and they have no clue. china was never mentioned in any way, shape or form. reporter: last night's finale was different than anything we have seen before. biden had a live audience but they were sitting outside the convention center in their cars, socially distanced. when biden came out onstage, it looked like a drive-in movie
1:02 pm
theater. they honked their cars and they cheered, but this address is going to look a lot different than what trump has planned at the republican national convention, where we expect he will accept his nomination at the white house in front of house and senate law makers sitting in their seats, not in their cars, instead of honking they will be clapping probably. david? david: interesting. i liked the fireworks, anyway. everything else, i could leave it. hillary, thank you very much. president trump just delivering remarks at the 2020 council for national policy meeting. it is meeting right now. we have a very interesting sound bite on that coming up. first to the hill editor in chief, bob cusack and axios reporter. we have it? okay. let's play that sound bite then first. i'm told by producers, forgive me. we are going to be talking about the convention particularly what we can expect from republicans but the president just said something very interesting.
1:03 pm
a theory that he has about what could happen if we don't have the results from the election by the end of the year. here's what he said. play the sound bite. >> and i don't know what's going to happen. you know, there's a theory that if you don't have it by the end of the year, crazy nancy pelosi would become president. you know that, right? no, no, think of that. think of that. that mad theory, too. you have heard that theory. now, i don't know if it's a theory or a fact but i said that's not good. that's not good. david: bob, the president is known for putting these little ideas in people's heads and seeing where it goes, even if there's not much more than a kernel of truth in it. what do you make about this theory? >> it's interesting. this has been raised in various op-eds including one in the hill that raises the question, can pelosi basically become president. it's complicated because if federal elections were delayed
1:04 pm
which has to be done by congress, pelosi couldn't because she's up this year and actually, the next president would be the pro tem of the senate, senator grassley. however, she's next in line. if we still don't know who's going to be president, it's possible. there's a lot of dispute. i really don't think it will come to this. it could be chaotic in that situation. david: well, i don't know if you are old enough to remember, i certainly do, the 2000 election and we did wait for weeks. we had a supreme court decision, we had the hanging chads, et cetera. so it could happen. >> it could. but i think the possibility of that is a bit far-fetched. i think the president using this rhetoric, it's a bit far off. i think it plays into the conversation, the controversy that we have been seeing so far around the post office and the delays in mail and the idea of early voting and the coronavirus
1:05 pm
pandemic delaying ballots getting in for the election. but it is a possibility. it's interesting the president is bringing it up. i don't think that this will happen, like bob said. but it is being talked about i think among some circles. david: you always think something won't happen until it does. that's what happened in the year 2000. bob, let me talk about the major theme that came out last night and we kept hearing it over and over again, but last night biden put a fine point on it. putting the blame of the virus on the president. now, everybody knows that it started in china first of all, even though miss pelosi, speaker pelosi calls it now the trump virus. is that rhetoric going to stick? >> well, most voters don't blame trump because as you mentioned, it started in china. but so -- his numbers on the economy are still stronger than biden's which is noteworthy. however, the poll numbers of how he's dealt with the virus are not that good. so certainly this is a big week
1:06 pm
coming up for trump and republicans but it's really over the next couple months. they need to get on top, the white house needs to get on top of this virus so we know clearly this is getting better, not worse. if that happens, trump can make a comeback. if not, he can't. david: well, alayna, let's talk about the conventions. the democrats, i mean, it fell flat with regard to the ratings. the ratings were way down from where it was in 2016. for obvious reasons. they had some glitches, that famous one of the zoom tablet where you saw the same people repeated several times and you can't blame it all on them. i mean, it's the fact of the pandemic. but did republicans, do you think, looking at it, it's easy when your opponent goes first, did they learn something from it and are they going to change their approach to a virtual convention by looking at what the democrats might have done wrong?
1:07 pm
>> i asked some trump campaign officials about this, and they are looking to learn some lessons from this. of course, everyone has been calling it an unconventional convention. it's going to be the same thing next week with the virtual nature of the republican national convention as well. but you think they are trying to play more to some sort of audience the president will have when he delivers his acceptance speech for the republican nomination next thursday. they are trying to have more applause, make it more lively. there will be some pretaped elements of the republican national convention as well. but they definitely are going to be leaning very heavily on some of the live performances from trump donors, members of trump's family, as you would expect. but i do think they look at this, they think that the convention went okay this week. they are hoping to make it better, of course. but it's hard to see or predict any of the technical difficulties. david: it is.
1:08 pm
again, under the best of circumstances, if they did nothing wrong, there still would have been problems with it. final question, bob. the polls. i remember so clearly the polls two weeks before the 2016 election, hillary double digit gains, and of course she lost the election. that gave me a fair amount of cynicism about polling in general, certainly when donald trump is involved. what do you think? >> well, i think there are some similarities to 2016 but some differences as well. trump officials privately know that he is behind but at the same time, he was behind back then and he was able to win. biden has not been able to put trump away. he's up single digits in pennsylvania, a state that usually goes for democrats, so -- but the difference is texas and georgia are more democrat-friendly now than they were in 2016. but we have got a long way to go. david: great to see you both. thank you so much for your analysis.
1:09 pm
appreciate it. well, one thing democrats did not mention during the convention was the criminal and political violence that has been sweeping many of the nation's leading cities. when are republicans going to say that democrats didn't? to "wall street journal" editorial board member bill mcgurn. it was the elephant in the room that was never talked about. most americans, i think, you know, there aren't water coolers anymore because we have virtual offices, but it's the thing that most americans are talking about i think more than anything else other than the election itself is the violence in their cities. >> yeah. i'm not sure about that. i agree with your general approach but you know, one of the things helping joe biden is it's just not being reported. if this could be pinned on donald trump, it would be front page news every day leading tv. it's not reported much unless you are watching fox or reading
1:10 pm
the "wall street journal" or other papers that cover it. i'm hoping it gets more coverage for this but i think republicans are definitely going to point to it. i think they have a legitimate point. i wouldn't mention if i were the democrats either, because it puts them in a very awkward position. there is a war on liberal democrats by these hardcore criminal progressives and they seem to hate the liberals as much as they do donald trump and they are making the cities unlivable. david: kamala harris actually went one step furthere, seemed o be encouraging people to go out, said take it to the streets. she was encouraging folks. i think with the messaging we will see next week with the republicans, where they are going to be talking about it, where we will see the kind of video that i frankly think is criminal negligence that journalists in america are not showing americans getting killed and beaten, particularly
1:11 pm
minority communities that are suffering the most from this that are suffering the most deaths, 200% increases in crime, and it's all stemming -- i know there's political violence and pure criminal violence, but it all stems from the police being pulled back intentionally by city councils and mayors, most of whom are democrats. >> yeah, i mean, that's a strong point that the president has. look, they could quell this stuff. in new york we proved that you could take on crime and so forth. the leaders don't want to do it. i think the mayor in portland was out there egging on the protesters at one point. in seattle they called it a summer of love. it's also highlighting the hypocri hypocrisy. both she and lori lightfoot in chicago said no, we're not going to have these protests near my house. your house is okay but nothing near my house. the double standard is just
1:12 pm
incredible. again, it's the lack of willingness. they seem to think people perpetrating criminal acts on other people's bodies like the guy getting beat up and property, they seem to think that those people enjoy the moral high ground. it's just crazy. david: i think again, we are going to see a strong push-back on that, for anybody who tunes in. of course, trump voters already know about it but even those independents who may not have seen it on their nightly newscast will certainly see it next week at the republican convention. so it should become an issue in the november election. bill, great to see you. thank you very much for coming in. appreciate it. well, actress lori loughlin facing sentencing in the next hour in the college admissions scandal. details of her plea agreements, wait until you hear this. that's next. hike!
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simon pagenaud takes the lead at the indy 500! coming to the green flag, racing at daytona. they're off... in the kentucky derby. rory mcllroy is a two time champion at east lake.
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he scores! stanley cup champions! touchdown! only mahomes. the big events are back and xfinity is your home for the return of live sports. david: very soon, actress lori loughlin will face sentencing in the college sdmiadmissions scan. molly line has the latest.
1:17 pm
reporter: it is sentencing day for college admissions scandal's most visible couple. loughlin's husband will be headed to prison. the deal calls for five months in prison, $250,000 fine, 250 hours of community service and probation. his attorney requested the judge recommend the bureau of prisons that he serve time at a prison camp. the terms of loughlin's deal will be released in the next hour. her deal calls for two months behind bars. via video conference, the judge delivered a scathing scolding to gianulli this morning, a famous fashion designer convicted on one conspiracy count, noting he's an informed, smart businessman, not someone quote, stealing bread to feed your family. quoting again, you have no excuse for your crime and that makes it all the more blame-worthy. he spoke briefly, saying i
1:18 pm
deeply regret the harm my actions have caused my daughters, my wife and others. i take full responsibility for my conduct. prosecutors view him as the more active participant in the scheme but still describe loughlin as fully complicit. prosecutors say the couple shelled out half a million dollars to the scheme's ringleader, forming phony athletic profiles to get their two daughters into the university of southern california as crew team members though neither was never a rower. gianulli sent the pictures of both girls to beef up their fake credentials. so far, 22 defendants have been sentenced, two coaches and 20 parents facing penalties from probation to nine months in prison. gianulli is set to report to pris prison. david? david: molly, thank you very much. good stuff. wildfires raging throughout california leaving at least five dead and thousands without power. claudia cowan with the very
1:19 pm
latest. reporter: so much devastation, so many homes lost and lives as well. you mentioned five civilian fatalities but after four days, crews finally have the state's biggest wildfire 7% contained. that may not sound like a lot but it is the first sign of progress we have had all week. more than two dozen major infernos are burning up and down the state, in some cases multiple fires have blended together, scorching more than 771,000 acres in all. during a visit to a red cross shelter yesterday, governor gavin newsom weighed in on the seemingly endless fire season. >> the hots are getting hotter, the dries are getting drier. climate change is real, if you are in denial about climate change, come to california. 11,000 dry lightning strikes we had over a 72-hour period leading to this unprecedented challenge with these wildfires.
1:20 pm
reporter: here in solano county, the lightning complex has grown to 219,000 acres, an area roughly the same size as dallas. it's damaged or destroyed more than 400 homes and other structures. another complex of fires near santa cruz has burned through 40,000 acres taking out 50 structures and forcing 64,000 people to evacuate. they are being told it could be weeks before they can get back into their homes. over much of the bay area, hazy smoky air is making it hard to see and breathe. more hot, gusty weather is on tap for today. this week has tested the state's firefighting capacity like never before. manpower and resources are stretched to the limit. but help is on the way from oregon, arizona and other states, sending in crews and equipment and not a moment too soon with more lightning storms possible next week. the governor has declared a state of emergency to free up additional state and federal assistance. not just for the firefight right now, but eventually to help
1:21 pm
property owners who lost everything. back to you. david: such a tragedy. god bless those firefighters. they do courageous work. thank you very much. coming next, wait until you hear the nea demands, the teachers' union, their demands for opening the schools and those demands really have nothing to do with the coronavirus. at least some of them. we will share that with you. plus dr. alvita king on what her late uncle, dr. martin luther king, jr., would have said about the violence which is raging in our cities. this is decision tech. find a stock based on your interests or what's trending. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity.
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david: helicopter parents are adding new pressure to teachers teaching online classes. teachers are sending a message, stop. jackie deangelis has the details. first of all, you have to tell us what a helicopter parent is. jackie: one of those stage mom type of parents that likes a lot of control and drops in. but there are so many challenges when it comes to getting back to school. do you come into the classes in
1:26 pm
person, do we do this all virtually, do we have a hybrid plan. how safe is it if we do have the kids coming in. this twist is making it even harder on educators or so they say, and what it is is that the involvement of parents has basically been taking over so they are giving criticism when they are seeing how the teachers are teaching their children and they are asking the teachers, that is, for the parents not to sit in on these virtual classes. the teachers have been complaining about this for awhile and saying that the critiquing is a little bit too much. it comes to teaching style, their attire, how they are treating individual students. here's what we know so far. as of august 18th, 20 of the 25 largest school districts in the u.s. are choosing remote learning only as their back-to-school instructional model. that affects about 4.3 million students. this is not an issue that's going away immediately. since zoom is the key platform for online learning, the company said this in a statement in
1:27 pm
part. we have been deeply upset to hear about these types of incidents and zoom strongly condemns such behavior. we recently enabled meeting passwords and waiting rooms for those enrolled in our k to 12 program and updated the default screen to share settings to ensure teachers are the only ones who can share content in a class. the question is, should zoom really be getting involved here? in rutherford county, tennessee, this has been a big issue. the superintendent issued a form for parents to sign basically saying they won't get involved or sit in on these classes, and a lot of parents are saying that infringes on their rights. the spokesman for the superintendent's office james evans told us quote, we are aware of the concern that has been raised about this distance learning letter that was sent to parents. the intent was not to prevent parents from being involved with their children during the distance learning but it was intended to protect the academic privacy of other students in the classroom who are visible during
1:28 pm
certain virtual class sessions. there's a lot of anxiety about getting back, and this is adding even another layer to it. the tensions are very obvious to a certain extent but these are some of the underlying issues that communities have never had to deal with and now they are. david: it ain't easy. it ain't easy. thank you very much. then there are the teachers unions. the national education association, the biggest, defending school reopening guidelines, saying quote, ensure that school building reopening plans are inclusive and equitable for all educators and students by humanizing learning environments and designing spaces that are situated in the sfooern experiences of community of color. those are the conditions they are making for reopening schools. former education secretary under president george w. bush, margaret spellings, joins me now. secretary, first of all, i can understand very well teachers' worries about the virus and
1:29 pm
worries about catching the virus or worries about their kids catching the virus. but a lot of those union demands, that's just part of the union demands that i just put up there, have nothing to do with the virus at all. what are they doing? >> well, i think they are trying to maximize the political moment in many ways. we all know that these organizations yes, represent employees but they are also major political juggernauts and they see an opening, i think. david: don't let a crisis go to waste. i remember a democratic leader said that. but again, it's all of the pc wish list kind of things that -- i was a teacher once, teaching at a junior high in chicago. we didn't worry about that. we focused on reading, writing and arithmetic. now they want to load even more on and they are using the pandemic as an excuse for that. i think that is inexcusable. don't you?
1:30 pm
>> yes. this is not the time for that. listen, this is the time to focus on safety and on the learning loss that our students have suffered during this pandemic. we have seen major retreats in learning, especially for our poor and minority students and that needs to be central. you talk about the role of parents. one of the silver linings is that parents are now fully understanding how their students are doing and in a place like texas, when only a third of our students read on grade level, i think that's pretty horrifying for parents. now is not the time to overplay our political hand but to focus on safety and basic education and reading and writing and math. david: there's another thing that's happening which is that there are a lot of charter schools and catholic schools out there who are opening even when public schools are reluctant to do so. a lot of parents out there, if they can come up with the funds somehow or find some way of transferring the money they would be paying in taxes, because there are some
1:31 pm
possibilities of that with charter schools, they may decide the heck with public schools and all the stuff they are putting in that has nothing to do with the pandemic, i'm going to take my kid to parochial school or charter school. >> i think we are going to see that. we are going to see students going from, you know, austin to amarillo because if it's remote, you can enroll anywhere around your state policies about open enrollment. yes, i think we will see more empowered consumers who want their students learning and educated and that's not all bad. david: and online learning, obviously a lot of teachers and the teachers unions are saying yeah, it's a good substitute. i don't know of many parents who are saying that. again, borrowing on my limited experience, i wasn't a teacher for very long but long enough to know a lot of that audio-visual stuff didn't substitute for person-to-person teaching. what's the bottom line? will it ever get to the point
1:32 pm
where it becomes normal to do online teaching or is it never going to be normal? >> you know, we can make great improvements from where we are now and we will. teachers are typically not trained very well or skilled in using these tools effectively. why would they be. that's not been the focus of their teacher preparation and the like. yeah, we will improve but i don't think we are ever going to minimize the importance of in-person face-to-face learning with peers, with adults. but we are going to have to make do. there are no risk-free scenarios at the moment and we need to maximize this online platform and we taxpayers need to get what we're paying for. that is an educated populace and we need to get about it. david: it is a matter of balancing between risk and reward. we have never had that kind of balance as focused as it is now. again, i think you mentioned the
1:33 pm
one, if there's any positive about this pandemic, it is bringing families together and allowing them to see how to make their family members' lives a little better, if they can. miss spellings, thank you very much for being here. really appreciate you coming in. terrific insights. meanwhile, parents becoming increasingly concerned about rising campus outbreaks across the country and that's leading to a rise in tuition insurance sales. gerri willis has the details on that. gerri: hey, david, that's right. think about it. there's life insurance, there's health care insurance, even motorcycle insurance. so in the age of covid-19, should there be tuition insurance? listen. >> it is definitely a market for it because tuition just keeps rising and it's so expensive but it definitely would be unfortunate to spend so much
1:34 pm
money, then not really get it back. gerri: just 6% of schools surveyed in 2019 provided 100% refunds for tuition and none provided refunds for academic fees or housing. but grad guard fills that gap, as one of the biggest companies out there providing insurance policies to students who might become ill and cannot attend classes. policies from the company are offered at 350 universities and colleges across the country, including m.i.t., princeton, brown and usc. listen. >> universities that are cash-strapped this year more than ever, we should never really expect universities to be able to afford to provide a refund. gerri: at a price of $106 for every $10,000 worth of cost, tuition insurance covers deposits, academic fees, housing and tuition, but let's be clear here. grad guard does not cover student costs when they decide
1:35 pm
to pull out for any reason other than getting sick. so you get a concussion on the practice field, contract mono or maybe test positive for covid-19, your tuition insurance policy kicks in. david, before i go i want to say, look, if you are thinking about getting one of these policy, a lot of people are, their business is up 109%, check in with the institution first to see what they might do for you because they will often offer you something, a proportion of your tuition, maybe not fees and other costs. david? david: tough times. gerri, thank you very much. meanwhile, if all that wasn't enough, riots are devastating businesses all over the united states. dr. alvita king is here to talk about this and whether it has anything to do with racial justice. that's next.
1:36 pm
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david: we have breaking news on a story that has gripped viewers at least here. you don't see it on many other networks. it should be. but that horrific attack in portland, oregon of a truck driver who was coming to the defense of somebody who was being robbed brought down to the ground, kicked by a mob until he was unconscious. well, the lead, the man who actually kicked this victim unconscious, his name is marquise love, there he is, he just turned himself in to portland police. he was booked into the detention center on charges of assault 2, that's second and second degree riot and coercion. investigators identified the man from witnesses who were at the particular event and we hear from the chief chuck lovell saying i'm pleased the suspect in the case turned himself in and appreciate all the efforts to facilitate his safe
1:41 pm
resolution. again, we have seen that video many times, perhaps too much, but it is good to at least get him under control of the police. to dr. alvita king, niece of dr. martin luther king, jr. we are always pleased to say hello to her. doctor, this case really puts, i think, a fine point on the fact that what we are seeing in the violence in these cities, again, obviously not the peaceful protests but the violence which many of these protests have turned into, particularly at night, have nothing to do with racial justice at all. they are pure criminal, evil acts. correct? >> correct, david. thank you for giving me an opportunity to discuss this. when i first saw the video, i was so hurt and so shocked, it was absolutely terrible. now, we know that people are angry, scared, frustrated and are reacting and acting out in different ways that are not peaceful. this is not good. i'm actually calling on
1:42 pm
spiritual leaders, leaders of communities who have good hearts and good conscience to begin to again teach people, talk to people, implore people to deal with issues peacefully and for the spiritual leaders especially who have been kind of quiet at this time, that's not helpful at all. david: it's interesting you say that, because part of the problem that we have been engaged in, too, it's not just businesses and federal buildings that are being attacked. churches are being attacked. churches are being desecrated. my own church here in manhattan has been desecrated time and again, and the priests don't want to talk about it because they are worried about copycats. i think that's the wrong way to go and apparently you do, too. >> i'm getting so many letters, so many phone calls, people cannot say negro, can i call you negro, can i say black lives matter, should i not say black lives matter? human lives actually matter and
1:43 pm
certainly african-american lives matter. you know, from the womb to the tomb. we're not even rescuing africa chld in americ african-american babies from abortion right now so i think it's important for people to speak calmly, rationally, understand that it's a tinderbox for many people and people can explode at any moment, so people who are reasonable, even in those particular cities where all of that is happening, then the law enforcement themselves, sometimes they don't know what to do. david: forgive me, dr. king, but we did not hear one word about the striel eviolence in the str. you say you have to be clear, specific, unequivocal in condemning the violence we have seen in seattle, portland, new york. we just had an incident in brooklyn over the weekend where a whole foods was attacked and looted in addition to an apple store. they wrote murder jeff bezos
1:44 pm
on -- i mean, not one word about that kind of violence from the democratic convention. what do you think about that? >> their elected officials, pastors, business owners, all of them are silent and still going around playing the race card and stirring it up but not meaning it. if black lives matter, if our communities matter, if our children matter, then stop just saying that and do something about it. the democrats really are not. i usually won't say republicans versus democrats and all that. the democratic leaders really should be ashamed of themselves. david: you know, you say all lives matter. i don't know if you have been following this dust-up at goodyear tire, but they have come out with this new pc policy that it's okay to have a black
1:45 pm
lives matter shirt or some kind of apparel on, but if you say all lives matter, on a shirt or hat, you are sent home. what do you think of that? >> i actually said human lives matter. human dignity matters. we are one blood, one race. we have to learn to live together as brothers and sisters and not hurt each other and so human lives matter, human dignity matters. of course african-american lives matter from the womb to the tomb. but we have to see each other as brothers and sisters and human beings. we are one human race and one blood. david: i love that. we are one human race. it's that simple. by the way, just for the record, goodyear did clarify their policies. frankly, i think it was kind of wheedling out of it because there was so much attention but that's what happens when you
1:46 pm
focus attention unequivocally on these things, you force people to change and you got to do it non-violently and you have spent your life doing that. what a pleasure to see you again. thank you for coming in. say that one more time? >> unite in prayer. david: that's a great way to end. thank you very much. have a wonderful weekend, doctor. appreciate it. craft distillers hit by pandemic. a live look coming next. experience the ultimate sports hub.
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david: joe biden closing out the virtual democratic convention, making his case to become commander in chief, but in the whole democratic convention, there was no mention of the violent unrest that has been rocking major cities across the united states and causing a huge flight out of those cities by residents and businesses. california democrat congressman john garamendi joins us for more on this. congressman, why no mention of the violence? this is something affected millions of americans. >> i don't think that's correct. in fact, the entire convention dealt with the underlying issues of violence, dealt with the issues of education, job
1:51 pm
opportunities, all of those things were very very much foundational in what the democrats talked about. the violence in police forces and the rest, of course there was support for those programs throughout the convention. david: congressman, we have had an increase in violence, i have lived in new york for 40 years and i haven't seen this kind of violence since the 1980s. it's happening in chicago, where people are dying far too often. the political violence that has turned into the political froef protests that turned into violence, i was just talking to alveda king about that. this is a problem and it stems in many people's mind from an extraordinary lack of support for police, whether they are being defunded or they are being disrespected by the city councils and mayors. you don't think that deserved specific mention? >> well, what we need to do is take a look at the fbi statistics which would indicate that overall, crime in america continues to decline.
1:52 pm
david: no, congressman, you have to look at the trend. you have to look at the -- we have an increase of 200% in violent crimes in areas of new york. 200%. you look at it in chicago, look at it in baltimore. the trend is definitely going sky-high. i haven't seen a trend like this in a long time. >> david, david, why don't we, two of us, not debate it. put the statistics up, put them on the screen, then we can see who's right, who's wrong here. but the reality is, the democrats in this convention are dealing with the factors that lead to violence. clearly there are protests around the nation and clearly some of those are violent, clearly there have been the problems that you have mentioned in new york and chicago. as to whether they are up or down more or less, put the statistics up and we will do that. but let's also consider that the democrats in this convention, particularly joe biden, laid out a very positive vision about
1:53 pm
what america could be if we worked together. biden will not be a president that will divide. he will not be a democratic president, he said it very clearly, he will be an american president. and he said clearly and committed himself, using the words i promise, that he will do everything he can to bring americans together, to unite us. he said very clearly we need it. david: we also need a clear understanding of whether the disrespect and defunding of the police has led -- excuse me, sir, has led to the increase in crime which is uncontested. we may contest whether, you know, it's going up at a certain level but it is going up all over the place and whether the decrease in funding and respect for the police is part of it. >> well, let me be very very clear about this. joe biden does not support defunding the police. he does support adequate and
1:54 pm
central funding for the police and he also knows that you are not going to deal with the policing problem until you deal with issues such as mental health. those programs are at the top of his agenda along with whatever is necessary for the appropriate level of police funding. he does not support, does not support defunding police. david: excellent. congressman, you put it on the line. thank you so much. great talking to you. >> any time. david: appreciate you being here. the dow on pace for its first down week in three. more after this on a positive day for the markets. that's coming up. this is decision tech. find a stock based on your interests or what's trending. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity. ... come on in, we're open.
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david: distillers seeing sales evaporate during the pandemic losing hundreds of millions of dollars, christina partsinevelos is live from kings county distillery in brooklyn. i would have thought people are drinking more of this stuff. >> reporter: well exactly. you'd think you were drinking more but that increase in sales was not enough to offset the loss of a lot of these flourishing craft facility industry which is why we are here at a craft distillery at kings county and the issue they are facing is to offset those losses. listen in. >> our company, we went from about 40 people to about 25. i mean, we had a floor staff, a bar staff, so we've had to pivot a lot. >> reporter: the distilled spirits council says last year they had about $3.2 billion in
1:59 pm
retail sales but the predicting that sales will fall about 40% this year and employees will continue to be furloughed which is what you just heard here, and to make matters worse, alcohol, especially beer, could face sticker shock, and that is because the temporary tax cut, it's implemented in 2017 is set to expire at the end of this year and that means prices could increase, which is why, david, you have a lot of distilleries across the country including kings county that have to get creative and make their own cocktails. david: buy your booze now before the taxes go up even more thank you very much, christina good to see you appreciate it. well we've had an interesting week with the democratic national convention a lot of you were waiting for the republican national convention, you'd be happy to know that neil cavuto is going to host special coverage of the republican convention next week, on wednesday, and thursday, and of course all during the week, cavuto coast to coast, will be
2:00 pm
following every take of the republican national convention and the question is what will they talk about the democrats did not? and exactly how is this virtual convention going to work out? did they learn anything from the mistakes many people saw in the democratic convention, we will see. it's time to toss it to charles payne. i leave you with a nice little bounce in the market, charles. charles: i'll take it from here , my job, to take it higher. thanks, dave. good afternoon, everyone i'm charles payne, and this is " making money" breaking at this moment it's an intriguing session as we head into the weekend while most stocks are spinning their wheels mega cap stocks are getting a spark from the trump adminitration, along technology names will actually do business with we chat and china but again the internals continue to be weak presenting a dilemma for investors not willing to chase the winners there are two emerging trends that could provide fresh investment ideas and opportunities including my stock of the day, plus america's ready to reopen again and we
2:01 pm
might get a vaccine in november, so how will that


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